NearPro is a bridge between homeowners, and home improvement professionals. NearPro improves the experience for both.


No forms.

No complex requirements.

No hidden contact information.


Use NearPro to find the people you need. Easily vet contractors or homeowners online, and find the best people to work with.


Improve your home,

Promote your business.

Our Story

NearPro provides an innovative solution for revolutionizing the home improvement industry. NearPro delivers benefits to customers and contractors (as well as their firms,) to accelerate & ease home improvement transactions. Here’s how:

  • NearPro provides customers with a quick, convenient, and on-demand way to capture & describe the desired needs with the advanced mobile platform. Without taking too much of the customer’s valuable time.
  • NearPro provides contractors with an increased amount of serious customer needs, with rich detail so as to quickly assess value & compatibility with project. While also helping customers find the bestcontractor for their project.
  • NearPro provides contractors and their firms a super easy-to-use platform with an outsourced, efficient way to find paying customers who need their service, in seconds.

NearPro app coming soon!